QubeInfraInsight is specially designed as 360 degree single window application that automates entire value chain for any Company into Construction and infrastructure business. ut aliquip.

Why QubeInfraInsight ?

  • Out of The Box Configuration for Construction and Infra business Customizable Analytics and Insights
  • Experience Based Machine Learning and Suggested actions
  • 360 degree connected components across value chains
  • Cloud Hosted, Multi Site, Multi Currency, High Availability, Business on the GO
  • In depth Progress reports, Finance reconcile
  • Messaging, Alerts and Role Based Access Control

QubeInfraInsight Modules & Salient Features

Our cloud-hosted packaged application QubeInfrainsight will help you plan and manage your enterprise resources at optimum capacity.

  • Project Track & Monitor
  • Finance & Payment
  • Intelligent Insights (Analytics and ML)
  • Manage Leads & Tenders
  • Project Office
  • Budget, Plan
  • Inventory
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