AQUAQUBE allows fish farmers to monitor water quality, predict the growth of their fish and adjust their feeding regimes appropriately. It leverages machine learning to turn valuable aquaculture data into powerful business insights.

AQUAQUBE smart pond value proposition and benefits

  • Grow your fish 12-15% faster
  • Reduce operation cost by 15-20%
  • Mobile app with 24×7 water quality check
  • Increase fish stocking up to 10-15%

AQUAQUBE is equipped with multiple IoT based sensors

Address production challenges such as fish illness or insufficient weight gain earlier on in the process and ultimately predict harvest times with greater certainty than ever before.

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Temperature
AQUAQUBE is a complete SaaS offering capable of real-time monitoring through IoT sensors

eBIKE – Ecosystem / Business

  • Absolutely zero hardware installation required for the end user
  • Easy to integrate any new sensor as applicable in future course of action
  • Valuable insights on optimum environment condition for a particular fish breed based on historical data analytics
  • KYC Validation
  • Future prediction for most profitable fishing trends

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